About us



A little about us and our company opening in 2018, the owner with 15+ plus years within the workwear & footwear industry working within the family business in retail and the markets. He then went on to do the markets himself providing some of the products we see on the website today, knowing the lack of quality out there, we began to search specialised companies and advising on styles to create, we started to become known for creating that lost market for quality products!




With a passionate drive and a small store, we slowly we began online  to provide excellent quality products for a wide range of customers. Mainly providing for our customer within Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Within a small time frame we began to research on more brand, expanding our knowledge into the fashion industry.


By 2019 we had to make and move into a larger store to provide more products to our customers including Mainland UK, as we had amazing British styled clothing, which was almost forgotten about. While doing this more and more products were sustained providing a larger choice for our customers. Having a small walk in store (appointment) for customers to walk in and buy.


With the demand of customers looking to visit us we decided in 2020 on the height of the pandemic we closed our indoor market based in Strabane, that is 3/4 mile long and been going on since 1992. We transformed part of it into another warehouse and our very own specialised menswear and children swear shop called Threads Menswear.


Thanks for choosing Us.